Tecnopenta srl

azienda headerTecnopenta Srl is a company that provides products and services for meteorology, hydrology, geotechnical and environmental measurements.


Tecnopenta’s products are synonymous of quality, in fact the entire production process takes place in Italy and the attention to detail is meticulous at every step. In addition, Tecnopenta offers a wide range of services: technical assistance, surveys, studies for special achievements, calibrations and much more, including monitoring and data delivery through the latest generation software, also via the web.

Tecnopenta is proud to promote their high-quality product: the Piezocone G1-CPL. The G1-CPL is currently utilised by a large number of professionals who have reported satisfaction with this popular product.


Dr Maura Bellio, Manager and MAGIC project legal representative and Scientist in Charge: info@tecnopenta.com

Ing Alice Pavanini, Electronic Engineer

Dr Fabio Bottaro,Geologist

For more information: www.tecnopenta.com and www.tecnopentawebdata.com