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Pessl Instruments LogoSince 1988, Pessl Instruments have been producing electronic devices for businesses in agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, and fruit-growing; for consulting firms; for agri-traders and mechanics for agricultural machinery; for environmental and hydrological projects. We started with weather stations for scab and grapevine downy mildew alerts.


Today, the instruments of our own METOS® brand are in demand almost everywhere in the world. They monitor meteorological data, the climate in sheds or sties, animal well-being, soil moisture, and water levels. The instruments are used to calibrate sprayers and spraying devices. They control spray-irrigation systems and ventilation flaps, and they warn against frost and heat.

Pessl Instruments nowadays can offer you a product range that covers all important crops and plant diseases. Our devices and software help you to achieve optimum crop protection.

Metos Field InstrumentContacts

Mr Heiner Denzer, Scientist in Charge:

Mr Gottfried Pessl, Managing Director, Pessl Instruments

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